I Challenge you…..

Original Post By: AmyColleen At The Fire Within

If People Were Dishes 

We would be Fine China
Ever notice the “Care Instructions” on fine china?

Handled with care.
Never put in the micro wave or wash in the dishwasher.
Put out on display for all to see!
People are handmade; crafted by God himself. Each one completely different and special.
Time to start treating each other this way! 
“Different” is not necessarily a bad thing  God created difference 🙂 – Satan is responsible for creating Division. 
So Have a GREAT Day today! And while you are at it….I challenge you to go out  and love on someone different today!….You will surely be amazed at what a blessing it will be to YOU and THEM!
Chow for now and Shalom out!

Dear Diary Oct 9, 2013 – Thank you !

 I have a “Trophy”  !

More than one apparently 🙂

and it is ALL because of YOU!    So yeah ———– *Thank You!* for stopping by!a78bd373f360346bb7cb0e47500227c7

I am just so glad that I have been blogging now for 15 days.

I have received 20+ followers. WOW

*Thank You!*

And – Numerous wonderful people have popped over to my little corner of the world wide web to read my musings.

THIS gives me  *sMiLeS* and makes my heart happy!

STILL – I can very truthfully say, “I have NO IDEA how to get around this place!”


It takes me ten minutes (no lie) – just to find my dashboard after a long day at work. lol THEN I can’t tell IF anyone has left a comment on  that I would love to respond to. So by the time I figure it all out (usually by the time I need to go to bed)

I am lost and exhausted!