Truly AmAzInG that this is online or us to SEE!


There’s something God wants YOU to know



Lord you came into this world

You left your crown upon your throne

Lord you came into this world

To make this sinner your own

You walked along the roads I walked

You brought the answers that I sought

You spoke of life eternally

And how you came to set me free

You said there’d come a time

When you would have to go

You said that you’d be back

How was I to know…?

 Lord you came into this world

As a holy sacrifice

To bear my stripes upon your back

And for me be crucified.

  You said there’d come a time

When you would have to go

You said that you’d be back

How was I to know?


They’d crucify you ~ upon a tree

You’d suffer and die ~ to set me free

How was I to know?

 Lord you came into this world

You left your crown upon your throne

You died the death that I deserve

You paid the price ~ now I’m your own

You placed your seal on my heart

Ruach Hakodesh by my side

You said ~ “Remember what I’ve done,”

“and please keep my love alive.”


You said your time had come

And that you had to go

You said that you’d be back

Back to take me home


You wanted me to know.

******   *****   ******


I hear Ruach HaKodesh saying

 “Soon – Soon”


           Then I heard the voice of Adonai saying,

“Whom should I send?


Who will go for us?”

I answered, “I’m here, send me!”

Isaiah 6:8

 14 But how can they call on someone if they haven’t trusted in him? And how can they trust in someone if they haven’t heard about him? And how can they hear about someone if no one is proclaiming him? 


Romans 10:14


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(song) By: Amy Colleen Klapp 

All work  on this page is copyright © by Amy Colleen. All rights reserved.

Unauthorized use or reproductions are prohibited.


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We MUST take to heart the call to intimacy! 

We must share the life saving message with others!


Two Dreams – together…warning and to encourage

Well I went to bed last night but I didn’t sleep that is certain; at least not the kind of sleep where you get any kind of rest.


I spent the better part of the night on the living room sofa so as not to keep my husband awake; I was tossing and turning so much! Between the vivid dreams and night time awake visions and impromptu Holy Spirit prayer sessions…yep…I do believe I have been wide awake all night long!


I would love to share just about everything here with you that the Lord has shared with me and in due time I am sure I will. For starters however, I would like to share with you the very vivid night dream/visions I had (half while I was awake and some while I was asleep.)


 I will title this first one simply;


 Cheap Red Wine


I was walking through a huge market place filled with people; all shapes and sizes; colors and beliefs. I knew they were of different beliefs because it said so, on a sign that floated above their head. An invisible sign somehow only I could see.

This market place looked like one of those new Hyper Market Grocery Stores where you can buy just about everything you needed all in one stop. You know the kind I mean. The mesmerizing kinda store that sucks the money right outta your wallet when you go into get a quick ½ gallon of milk and get lost half way back to the dairy section walk out of the store sipping a cup of gourmet coffee having spent $50 plus on everything else BUT the  milk you came in for! Yeah, we’ve all done it, at least once…right?


Well, there I was walking through this beautiful market place I had my guardians with me. We were just walking along from isle to isle. Then after about the second or third isle is when I noticed for the first time the Wine Bottles. They were every where. I mean every isle had wine bottles along with a few other food items. And the Wine to food ratio was  five bottles of wine to one  food item. Everyone who was shopping was looking at the Wine Bottles. There were small bottle and medium sized bottles and large bottle of wine. Just as if you had gone to your friendly neighborhood grocery or liquor store. All the wine bottles had price tags on them and names as well. They were very clearly priced and named; though I don’t recall the names now or the exact prices I do recall the prices of the wines being extravagantly expensive.


THEN there were these other bottles of RED WINE. They were clearly marked as well.

They were dated 1084, all of them and they had price tags marked hanging from them $3.99 for the small bottle and $5.99 for the large bottle.


I watched as people talked amongst each other and asked the store keeper some questions.


They wanted to know if the wine was deep red wine like the expensive wines.

The Store keeper answered them, “No it is more of a light red color.”


Then they asked the Store keeper why it was so much cheaper than the other more expensive wines.

The Store keeper answered them, “It is water down so I get twice as much out of my yield.”


One of the customers who had been silent got a bit angry and spoke up and said,

“So you are cheating us?”

At this the Store keeper answered them, “No. I am not cheating you. It is still very much wine in the bottle. I have just added a little water to dilute it a bit. To make it go further. Make it more affordable for you in these rough times.”


At this point I got upset and realized the Store keeper was cheating them and worse yet was deceiving them. They all just stood there staring at their bottles (plural) of wine. Cheap Red Wine.

I could see there heads spinning, their minds, their thoughts,

“I could really use the extra money for other things.”

“It’s ONLY wine.”

“It’s sooo much cheaper.”


The Store keeper piped up again,

“You have asked me your questions and I have answered you. You are the one who makes the choice to buy and drink from my cellars. The price you pay to drink MY WINE is much less than that of He who owns the Master’s Vineyards. Just think of all the things you could do and places you could go just by drinking my wine. The choice is yours.”


 This next one;

Fresh Bread

I had a dream that I was walking around the court yard of a very large and ornate cathedral eating from a basket full of pasta and bread like food, which I was holding in my arms. (*Note that the bread and pasta would appear in the basket only as I would reach in to take a piece out to eat as I felt hungry. Other wise my basket looked empty.)

There were others walking around this court yard as well. Some were dressed in robes of white and others dressed in very colorful and ornate, done up robes holding their heads high as they walked by.


Some one came up to me and said rather sternly, “You can’t eat that!” pointing to the basket which I held in my arms; “That is food for the priests only!” (They were pointing to the ones dressed in the colorful ornate robes)  Then they pointed to some tables and said, “You must eat from these tables which have been prepared for you ahead of time.”


These tables were large banquet tables covered with white tables clothes; beautifully dressed and fully covered with all kinds of different breads, pre-sliced for consumption. From where I stood it looked absolutely delicious! 



So I wandered over there and I reached down to take a slice to eat I gasssped as I saw before my… the bread starting from the inside to the out start to mold right before my eyes!!!! A small black dot started in the center of the piece of bread and grew to the outside; a black fungus; I watched it grow right before my eyes as I picked up the bread. It was disgusting! I immediately put it down and as I did I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, 


Eat only the Fresh Bread that I will give you each day you come to me. Do not rely on the bread of any other men to feed your soul or spirit or you will surely get sick and die.”





Something to think about…..Yeshua/Jesus wants to Teach us himself…here are just a few scripture references:


“Come to me, .. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me;”

Mat 11:28-29


However when the Spirit of truth comes, 

he will guide you into all truth. 

.. and he will show you things to come. John 16:13-14


But the Comforter, who is the Holy Spirit 

and whom the Father will send in my name, 

will teach you all things. John 14:26


 “This is good, and pleases God our Savior,  who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.  For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus,

1 Timothy 2:3-5 





Time Heals All Wounds


Well, let me start with saying I disagree with the title of my blog. Yes I realize I am the one who titled it – and – NO it is not some kind of bait and switch maneuver to real you in. I suppose more accurately I would describe my blog title as just not being entirely wrong just being an “unfinished title” or perhaps a “beginning without an end” .

This days blog, sufficient to say, is my feeble attempt to “finish the title” or put an “end to the beginning” not only to my blog’s title but at the same time lay to rest this silly (incorrect) age old thought that all we need to do is “let time pass and eventually all our wounds will heal.”

Can I just say that time IS important in the healing process. This is true. I will not deny time it’s place. I can’t recount the number of times the Spirit of the Lord has brought to mind Ecclesiastes 3. (there is a time for everything under the sun).

Today I would like to share with you what the Lord has been showing me specifically about wounds.

I am home right now. I had surgery 7 days ago. I had been sick for awhile. Probably for about 3 or so years I had been having symptoms. They had progressively been getting worse. Nothing I couldn’t handle. There was pain, yes. Again, nothing I couldn’t deal with. I have a very high pain tolerance. My life is busy. CRAZY busy. Emotionally and with work, family. I didn’t have time to think about myself. Just about 6 months ago my symptoms became unbearable. To me. (To everyone else this is the first they heard of my not feeling well.) So started my trips to the doctors and surgeons. I ended up having same day surgery 7 days ago. To have mass amount of scar tissue removed from all around the inside of abdomen. Apparently it was so bad that the adhesion’s had connected my organs to the outside wall of my stomach. It was a twisted mess. Thank the Lord the surgeon said the surgery was a success and he was able to remove the adhesions successfully. Yay!
All better and ready to face the world and all of it’s challenges again!!! Right?

Ummm. Not so fast Skippy.
Yeah. I tell ya. I went in and came out thinking okay. Back to work in 3-4 days. The doc says he GOT IT ALL GONE….So I got up on Monday and got a shower and drove to work. I mean, come on. Bills to be paid. ….It wasn’t 2 hours into the day and I began to feel the burning pain of the incision. Then deep, deep down inside, I began to feel pain. I became hot to the touch. I realized I made a mistake coming back to work so soon. Yes the surgeon had done an excellent job of removing the foreign matter that was responsible for causing me all my grief and pain for so long…..but now I needed time to heal…….at home……with my feet up…….geeze…anything else?

You might gather from my tone that I am not one that likes to just lay around. I actually find it difficult. Especially when I know there is a multitude of things I need to be doing. In this case my healing is needing me to “take it easy”. This wound was a deep wound. It needed precise surgical expertise followed by my needing to rest and follow precise doctors orders. If I want to be completely healed I need to follow through completely. If I don’t follow the doctor’s orders precisely then, even though I may look okay on the outside; should I bump my tummy or over do it I will hurt myself deep inside. Worse yet risk possible infection. I think you get my point?

That was one type of wound. There are many different types of wounds; varying degrees. From minor scratches to cuts that require a band aid with ointment to lacerations needing stitches and anti biotics to deep internal injuries needing hospitalization and surgery. The causes? Let your mind run wild….A few ideas – Scrapes, burns, internal bleeding, gun shot wounds, knife wounds, broken bones, pulled muscles, dis-located joints and concussions. All such different wounds and needing such different treatment for pain relief and recovery. Still, they all need care and attention not just time to fully recovery.

Think about it, lets just say you were to bump into (literally) someone at work, church or on the road some where. Because of the circumstance you ended up with a dislocated elbow. I suppose you could try to ignore the pain and continue on with your life in the hopes that it would eventually “pop” back into place. Maybe it would. If you could live and move with the excruciating pain, perhaps it might. (Have you ever had a joint out of socket before? It is excruciating to move that appendage. I seriously doubt you could ) More likely, you are not going to want to move that part of your body at all and try to go about over compensating other parts of your body to make up for the loss of use of your other body part. However, whether you did or did not, everything would be outta wack regardless AND you will still be in pain. Even if you won’t admit it. Because of the wound. The pain.

Let’s take another, small more minor example. How about a scrape. Time perhaps can heal a scrape with no help at all from us. We get a scrape. We cover it up. Or not. We leave it alone. Forget it’s there. Time will heal it.
What happens next?
Over a period of time…we are in fact required to help time by actively care for the wound. Daily. Until it begins to show signs of healing. Covering itself up with new skin. If we choose not to, which is our choice, then we risk the chance of infection and the possible need to open the wound up again.

So far I have mentioned open wounds.
What about those secret wounds. Those wounds no one else knows about but you. A wound that is so deep it has the ability to make your heart stop beating; in fact it has. This is why you have taken that wound and locked it far away, deep, deep down inside. Left it in there in the hopes that time would heal it. In the hopes that you would never have to relive the reason for the pain. It’s still there isn’t it? Yeah, because time needs your help.

This is the most dangerous kind of wound. By far the most deadly. This kind of wound is responsible for the death and destruction of families, marriages, parent and child relationships, friendships.

Left to itself in the dark recess’s of our heart, this type of wound grows slowly. Never ceasing, slowly stealing much needed oxygen from our blood stream. This wound, not being visible to the naked eye; makes it very easy for us to ignore. Many cast aside this wound as anything but real. Some walk head long into a state of denial about it’s mere existence. Unless we are poked or prodded in just the right spot and agitated just so… most of us will all but completely forget this type of wound exists in our life…in our body. (it truly does seem the easier way at the time)…Trouble is…..THE WOUND IS STILL VERY REAL AND VERY MUCH THERE……and until we face this fact and take/make the time to heal…we run the risk of infection, deep within …worse yet…death. Death to the relationship that is connected to the wound.

I know it’s hard. I really do. I have so many healed wounds… many more wounds to be yet healed. I also know the healer. I know it is possible to be healed of the deepest hurt. The hurt you think no one could ever understand. I am still undergoing healing with the Master. Every day.

This was a difficult blog to write. I had allot of interruptions. I almost just gave up. I hope it wasn’t too broken up and confusing!

I suppose I would like to encourage the reader to take time to check back in to their heart. Open up that door that you closed way back when. You know the one – face the hurt. Forgive the one who bumped into you. Yes, it will hurt when you visit that time again. Depending on how deep the wound, how severe the dislocation…you may very well need to feel the pain again to be made whole.
But time alone will not heal your wound. Too much time in fact may only make it harder in the end. Requiring surgery, a reopening of the wounded site, re-breaking of a bone, or worse yet – gang green – death to the relationship. In some cases even death to ourselves. That is NOT what God wants.

God is a God of reconciliation.

He gave HIS only begotten Son to prove this.

Go ahead – set an appointment up with Dr. Yeshua, he’s waiting to see you.