10/21/2013 Just Been a TAD Bit Busy …..

So …. THIS is how I have been feeling of late and WHY I haven’t been posting until now.

 images (6)

I have had SO MUCH TO DO – I have basically not done much of anything.


Kinda felt like this here little guy.


Goin’ – goin’ – goin’ and at the same time NOT goin’ much of ANY where!

Then I had this “epiphany”,  and I was “shocked” once again back into reality.


 Life is short. None of us know the hour or day that we will breath our last breath. Personal experience you might say. A new leash on life.  Someone tells you, “Hey, you had better make some changes or you you may not be around in a year.” That get’s your attention!

So I took a good look at my rather lengthy “to-do-list”  – coupled that with  the growing sags and dark circles beneath my eyes.

images (5)

(lovely -NOT!)

That was ALL I needed to  bring me back to life!


I am changing MY ATTITUDE and changing my TO DO LIST as well. Taking some advice from one of my Favorite Celebrities.

 The Pink Panther

I’m gonna put a little swagger in my step and sing my list!

images (4)


and of course let’s not forget – I’m definitely  going to make time to….




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