Dear Diary – Tues – 10/15/2013 – Dying in the Cafeteria

Today I went to work like every other day and left  feeling totally different.

I wasn’t prepared to hear the news that came from my co-workers,

“Hey you know the heavy set lady who works down in the caff? She died today. She found out she had cancer just last week. Doctor told her she had until Thanksgiving – Apparently not.”

Wow. Hours later those words are still resonating in my spirit,

“…the heavy set lady in the caff……she died today.”

A woman,  a wonderful co-worker of mine (we’ll call her Karen for privacy sake…BUT we WILL give her a name for dignity sake) Karen it is!

As the story did go, Karen only just found out she was sick a week ago. Sick with cancer.  STILL – Karen came to work. Thinking she had until Thanksgiving.

She passed away – today – at work.

Having given untold amounts of hot sandwiches, cups of coffee and millions of smiles away! I know I will always remember “Karen”.

Still – I have to be honest – this entire unfolding of sudden events has left me some what  shaken.

R.I,P. “Karen’

p.s. you were never anything less than beautiful to me!


What would WE do if WE were told we only had a month left to live?


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