Dear Diary Oct 9, 2013 – Thank you !

 I have a “Trophy”  !

More than one apparently 🙂

and it is ALL because of YOU!    So yeah ———– *Thank You!* for stopping by!a78bd373f360346bb7cb0e47500227c7

I am just so glad that I have been blogging now for 15 days.

I have received 20+ followers. WOW

*Thank You!*

And – Numerous wonderful people have popped over to my little corner of the world wide web to read my musings.

THIS gives me  *sMiLeS* and makes my heart happy!

STILL – I can very truthfully say, “I have NO IDEA how to get around this place!”


It takes me ten minutes (no lie) – just to find my dashboard after a long day at work. lol THEN I can’t tell IF anyone has left a comment on  that I would love to respond to. So by the time I figure it all out (usually by the time I need to go to bed)

I am lost and exhausted!



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