Dear Diary, Thursday Oct. 3, 2013

I said,  “I love you,” to a total stranger today.

Haha…TRUTH!. Though it was quite by accident.  I was at work  a bit distracted and the words just flew out of my mouth as I was preparing my farewell adieu.

My customer would not shut up  was a tad more personable than your average caller and just had to tell me about every last thing in their life so much so that when  it came to time for the call to end  –I was in a whole other world  and caught completely off guard I was moved to emotion and spoke up straight from my heart  (I am sure I had someone near and dear in mind as I spoke those words!)

“Yes, thank you.  I love you too and have a wonderful day!”

Turns out it made the customers day. 🙂

I didn’t have the heart to let them know it was a mistake.

Perhaps tomorrow I will tell a stranger I love them  on purpose!



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