Dear Diary September 29, 2013

So I made it safely home from my time travel yesterday. Sheww

I  had an outta body experience.  went to the Renaissance fair!

I saw Shakespeare, Galileo, King Henry VIII – Martin Luther (and I am not talking KING JR.!)

I walked through dusty streets and shops attended by witches, warlock and harlots truly skilled artisans.  Watched magical, spectator, interactive  theater.  They let us throw real axes – shoot real bows – AND – I truthfully have not seen so many beautiful weapons for sale to the general public since before 2008  I was able to browse one of the largest selections of medieval weaponry I have ever seen. (which I enjoyed!) Oh and I would not be doing all the  fanciful food I ate justice if I did not mention the large assortment  of freaky fantasy creatures running around and untold assortments of refreshments and more bosoms than you’ll find in any on-line video game!

All this being said I made sure to take lots of pictures.

This is Dirk –


In the middle of all the noise – above all the screeching and howling of the scary things cool fairies, and awesome costumed people I saw,

I heard Dirk yelling,

“No one ever asks to take MY picture!”

So I offered to take Dirk’s picture!


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