Dear Diary September 27, 2013

So yeah,


Autumn is my favoritest time of year!

I totally got excited about Autumn! *(that would be putting it mildly!)

I mean the very first day of Autumn, September 22,  I was decked out in FULL FALL FASHION! I burned all my other clothes swore off ALL other Season Fashions and Colors!!! I have been waiting for this since December 21st of last year!! I got out (and wore) my entire fall ensemble that AWESOME first day of Fall! This would include my scarves AND my boots! *(of course never mind you I nearly passed out of heat exhaustion several times during the course of the day – not to mention all of the COMPLETELY, unsolicited, unwarranted,  and appreciated RIDICULOUS fashion criticism.)  

And – NOW?

Now? ——— It is a flippin’ 90 degrees!!!!

Will someone please tell me, “Who ripped a hole in the earths atmosphere this week letting this doggone heat back in?”

I wanna know! 



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